The Venue

Welcome to the venue: EICC in Edinburgh!

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s conference will be held at the prestigious Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC). Situated in the heart of the historic city of Edinburgh, the EICC has established itself as a premier destination for hosting world-class events.

The EICC’s reputation as a leading conference venue is well-deserved. Its prime location in the city centre ensures easy accessibility for attendees, with excellent transportation links and proximity to renowned landmarks, cultural attractions, and vibrant city life. Wether you are an international visitor or a local participant, the EICC’s central position offers a seamless conference experience.


To streamline your experience at ESB2024, we have set up a dedicated registration area in the Strathblane Hall at the EICC. Upon arrival, you will find a well-organised and efficient registration process, ensuring a smooth check-in and easy access to your ESB2024 materials. The Strathblane Hall features informative signage and friendly staff, who will be ready to assist you.


The main plenary will take place at the Pentland Suite, a state-of-the-art venue which sets the stage for inspiring and insightful discussions. With its modern design and cutting-edge facilities, this spacious suite accommodates up to 1,200 people. The Pentland Suite boasts excellent acoustics, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality for all attendees, and the lighting system has been carefully designed to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and collaboration.


In addition to the Pentland Suite and the Strathblane Hall, the EICC offers a range of additional facilities to enhance your experience at ESB2024. With its versatile breakout rooms and spacious exhibition spaces, you will have the chance to engage with fellow attendees and explore the latest innovations within biomechanics. The EICC also provide exceptional catering services, ensuring that you have access to delicious refreshments throughout ESB2024.

We invite you to explore the EICC in Edinburgh, a remarkable venue that will host ESB2024. Its modern facilities, prime location, and exceptional services make it an ideal setting for our event. We cannot wait to welcome you to this inspiring space and create lasting memories together. For detailed information on directions, nearby accommodations, and exciting attractions, please follow the links below.

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