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AnyBody Technology
Stand 14

The AnyBody Modeling System is a State-of-the-Art musculoskeletal modeling and simulation software for biomechanical analysis. The AnyBody Modeling System allows you to create full body detailed musculoskeletal models and simulate internal body loads as e.g., muscle activity, muscle forces and joint reaction forces.


Bertec is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer, and marketer of research-grade and clinical biomechanical equipment and software. Used by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other professionals working to understand the movement of the human body, Bertec’s tools help athletes and patients to meet their performance and rehabilitation goals. Founded in 1987, Bertec continues to tackle some of the most ambitious engineering projects in multiple disciplines including biomechanics, mechatronics, immersive virtual reality, eye tracking, and computer vision to bring industry leading solutions to practitioners, researchers, and clinicians.

BETA CAE Systems 
Stand 9

BETA is an engineering simulation solutions provider, dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art software systems. For more than 30 years, we have been developing tools and delivering services for the front runners of numerous sectors by listening to their needs and taking up even the most demanding challenges.

Biomomentum Inc.
Stand 13

Biomomentum manufactures and commercializes the Mach-1™ mechanical tester. This all-in-one upgradable multiaxial mechanical tester is designed for compression, tension, bending, shear, friction, torsion and 3D indentation mapping of tissues and biomaterials. Biomomentum is also a service provider of high quality organ culture models and mechanical testing on biomaterials and tissues.

BoB Biomechanics
Stand 2

BoB (Biomechanics of Bodies) is a family of biomechanical modelling software packages combining a human musculoskeletal model with an easy to use, intuitive interface and powerful analysis functionality resulting in quantitative, objective information. BoB is used in acedemica and industry with applications including sports, product design, manual handling and ergonomics.

Bone & Joint Research

Bone & Joint Research (BJR) is a gold open access journal owned and published by The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery.
BJR accepts papers across the whole spectrum of the musculoskeletal sciences and brings authors’ work to the attention of the global musculoskeletal research community and beyond.

Dunn Labortechnik GmbH
Stand 16

The family-owned company Dunn Labortechnik GmbH distributes laboratory devices, consumables and immunoreagents from biology, chemistry, life science, molecular biology and pharmacy in Europe. Cornerstones of our company philosophy is competent support, reliable and flexible service, high-quality products and fast delivery.
Our products come from well-known manufactures, mainly from the US and UK, but also from Taiwan and South Korea, We present such different products as biomechanical cell stress systems (Flexcell® International Corp.), fully automatic liquid handling systems and human plasma.

FIBEr – KU Leuven
Stand 7

FIBEr is a KU Leuven Core Facility for biomechanical testing.
FIBEr has the equipment & know-how for testing biomaterials (e.g., biological, synthetic or engineered tissues), and medical devices (e.g., implants). The Facility supports academia and companies in R&D phase as well as for product validation and regulatory compliance.

LaVision GmbH

LaVision are a supplier of imaging systems for investigation and analysis of fluid flows, sprays, and material deformation.  We employ techniques including Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to measure surface displacement and strain, and Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) to measure internal deformation and strain.

Stand 15

MatchID offers non-contact imaging systems to retrieve mechanical and kinematical data at the surface of complex objects under any kind of loading. Our techniques combine dense spatial and temporal information, applicable from small to large scales. This allows to assess and validate the local mechanical behaviour of materials and structures.

Optics11 Life
Stand 12

Our unique technology helps our customers develop breakthrough medical treatments and get them to patients faster.
Optics11 Life provides robust, high-throughput mechanical measurement platforms that measure in-situ and in near-physiological conditions, integrated in the biological workflow. In addition, a next generation 3D in vitro modeling platform for engineered muscle bundles. 

Qualisys AB
Stand 10

Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering, entertainment, and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements. Qualisys is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and our medical products comply with Medical Device Directive 93/42/.

Xsens | Movella
Stand 8

Our mission is to digitalize movement so that people can extract meaning and impact positive change. We provide intelligent solutions for sensing, capturing, and analyzing motion and states of being. Our products accelerate innovation and create extraordinary outcomes in entertainment, sports, health and industrial markets.

XSENSOR Technology Corporation
Stand 11

Reveal accurate gait and motion data, visualize in high-quality, and get access to advanced, easy-to-use AI-powered analysis tools with Intelligent Dynamic Sensing.
Powered by leading-edge technology XSENSOR’s Foot and Gait research-grade assistive tools provide access to key insights of the lower extremities, enabling you to augment Movement Research, optimize Athletic Performance, and aid Clinical Assessment.

Our Solutions:
– Gait and Motion Insoles
– Clinical Insoles
– Walkway and Stance Pads